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Electrical Inspection

  • Portable Appliance Testing

    Over 1000 accidents at work include electric shocks or burns and, the HSE claim 1 in 4 reportable electrical accidents are concerned with portable appliances. 


    Inspexx Ltd handle everything from scheduling the inspection of appliances, to the reports which you can access via our cloud based reporting system.


  • Fixed Wire

    Fixed Wire Testing is also known as an ‘Electrical Installation Conditioning Report’ (EICR). Recommended by the IET, it is often a requirement for insurance purposes. The report features an inspection of a company’s electrical equipment and circuits in the workplace to highlight any safety defects and/or deviations.


    In addition to producing our widely preferred reports, Inspexx Ltd can perform remedial work on-site in the event of any failures which need urgent repair.

  • Emergency Lighting

    In unpredictable situations at work such as a power loss, sudden darkness can lead to danger and panic for anyone in the workplace.


    Inspexx Ltd can make sure you have emergency lighting systems in the workplace which comply with the BS 5266-1 code of practise - safeguarding the effectiveness of the lights when they are needed.


  • ATEX

    Employers have a duty to eliminate and control risk from explosive atmospheres at work. 


    Our technical engineers are qualified to check electrical installations within areas defined as potentially dangerous to maintain safety and compliance with government (DSEAR) regulation.

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